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LPGA Cathy Schmidt
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Letters of Thanks

Shot a career best 77 today. .. from back tees at Southern hills Brooksville Florida!!!


David Wall b4 afterTo:
Subject: Fw: testimonial
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 08:33:11 -0500

Hi Cathy,

As you know, I have taken 5 golf lessons with you at the Bradenton facility at which you teach. You should know that my golf game has been transformed completely after just these five lessons. I want you to be aware of this not only as it provides a validation of your golf teaching insights and expertise but I hope you will share this email with potential future students so they will know they have the opportunity to work with one of the top teaching professionals in the entire country. So please feel free to share the following testimonial.

I have been playing golf since I was young. I was primarily self taught. While not a great athlete, I was athletic enough to learn the game well enough to play on my high school golf team. However, once in college followed by medical school, I rarely played. I took up the game again in my early thirties and was able to play in the low to mid 80’s until injuring my back and taking a long time off from the game. When I took up the game again I was almost fifty with multiple injuries that I needed to work around. It was disastrous. I basically couldn’t break 90 and found the game much less enjoyable. I was determined to improve. So, of course, I took golf lessons……from everyone! I took from highly recommended PGA professionals in my area, Golf Tec instructors using high tech video and doppler, online instructors and even big name, well known instructors to whose schools I would travel. While I succeeded in spending a great deal of money, I did not succeed in improving my golf swing or golf game. However, since meeting you that has completely changed.

In all honesty, when we began with the first lesson and I realized you were going to completely revamp my swing I was concerned. Could I go through another major swing change? Would it be worth it? Would it actually work? Would my back, neck, shoulder hold up under this new swing? The answer to ALL of these questions turned out to be YES.
As to be expected it didn’t happen after one or two lessons but after the fourth to fifth lesson it all started to click. It did so with only minimal practice in between lessons. While I had good intentions to practice much more, I just didn’t have the time or energy to do so. To me, this speaks even more highly of the effectiveness of your teaching methods. They worked despite only minimal in between lesson practice. So what is so different. I’ve learned to have a shorter backswing, stay “on top of the ball” allowing me to have a pro like divot and ball flight. I am hitting the ball longer more consistently with actually less effort. My misses are much less frequent and tend to be more controlled meaning for the most part infrequent pull hooks replaced by occasional pushes that remain in play.

Frankly, you should be on the cover of every major golf magazine as not one of the top 50 golf instructors but as one of the top 5 golf instructors in the country. I can say this as someone who has taken from a number of the named top 50 instructors. I look forward to now honing my game further with the short game and mental game instruction you offer.

In summary, whether you are a frank beginner who wants to learn the golf swing right from the onset or are a touring golf professional, I offer my highest level of recommendation to Cathy Schmidt. Golf can be one of the most frustrating or one of the most enjoyable life experiences. It is with great happiness and gratitude that I know my golf future will be filled with much more happiness than I have ever experienced on the golf course. Thanks for everything and I look forward to continuing to learn.

David Wall MD

golf lessons sarasota | lpga cathy schmidt
Hey Cathy!

Just a quick note to let you know I played the 2nd round of golf since seeing you and it was awesome again today. Head Pro remarked at how I’m hitting my drives 30 yards further than in the past… grip feels awesome, so does the feeling of the left bicep and right shoulder. Foot work to come!!!! But thanks so much again for the help. It’s been a game changer. Golf is fun (and not so hard!) again ;-))

Dear Cathy:

Today I played the best round of golf that I could ever remember. As you know, I have been playing golf for a number of years but I can’t believe how you turned my game around with just two, half days of lessons. The tips you taught me were invaluable. You made the game fun again.

I highly recommend both the beginner and intermediate golfer to attend your Golf Boot Camp.

You will be seeing me in the future to further improve my game.

Thanks again: GC

golf instructor palmetto  lpga cathy schmidt

I want to thank you for two terrific days of lessons which proved to be invaluable. I just played the best round of golf that I could ever remember. In addition, I had the most fun playing as well.
I will be ion touch in the future for some more tips and again I want to thank you for all your great efforts.

golf classes bradenton | cathy schmidt lpga

I have been quiet only because all your help has begun working real well. I’ve been playing a bit and must thank you immensely
for all your instruction.

I’ve recommended you to several of my golf friends and only hope they will contact you as they have seen the results working with me. I know you can help them.

Thanks again for everything.


Cathy Schmidt is an inspiration to all who know her. Her post above extends that audience to those who do not. I’ve never met an individual more dedicated to shaping her own destiny, both professionally and personally.
Congrats, Cathy, and keep on grindin’!

golf classes palmetto | LPGA Cathy Schmidt

Fantastic lesson and video, I went to the range this evening and I got it. I really felt staying on my left leg for my balance. I hit some bullets. You really do a great job. Thank you

Hi Cathy!

I just wanted to thank you again for your time and helping me out. I am hitting the ball straighter with confidence. Also, thank you for helping understand hula-hula hips from the Golfing Machine book.
Talk to you soon!

Well worth the experience.

Very instructive. Very easy to grasp concepts that will greatly improve your game.

Great lesson it really helped my game.

Wow, best money and time I ever spent taking lessons from you! Played 18 today and really enjoyed myself. I will be back for a putting lesson soon. Thanks a million!

VERY pleased…Cathy is an awesome teacher! She teaches in a manner where the ‘average golfer’ can understand & apply her suggestions.

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to let you know that I went to the range yesterday and worked on my swing. I am so happy with the changes you made!

Hi Cathy,

I know it seemed I was unable to grasp what you were attempting to teach me. But I’ve just finished 18 at Peridia and I obviously learned more than it would have seemed possible at my last lesson. Howard kept saying he couldn’t believe the improvement. I didn’t want to go today at all but I am so glad he insisted. My short game appears to belong to someone else. Improvement all around! Scary, but I keep hearing your voice in my head!

Dear Cathy,

Chris and me can tell you that in only one hour lesson we learned a lot from you. Chris how to get rid of his “rubber knees” and me how to gain more distance by “knuckles down, roll over”. So we thank you very much for your helpful instructions.


Many thanks. In my first lesson your sharp eye quickly caught major problems with my swing and the remedies you suggested addressed them spot on. The follow-up videos and commentary you emailed clearly communicated and reinforced what I need to work on. My improved ball striking and balance gave me new incentive to keep at it. I am loping forward to the next lesson.

Hi Cathy,

I played today at Imperial Lakewoods…it was great. I had some spectacular shots using the new hitchhiking technique. Thanks…Look forward to seeing you soon.

Dear Cathy,

Just a quick note to tell you how much you helped me. Correcting my grip,set up, swing was exactly what I needed. All of my tips drills will now help me with my wondering elbow. These are things I can continue to work on when I head back north for the summer. Thank you so much I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Cathy Schmidt, the pro is fantastic!! She is patient and really takes time to help you achieve YOUR perfect swing. Cathy really knows her golf. The video analysis is awesome. You really get to see where you need improvement or when you have improved! I highly recommend Golf Boot Camp to golfers at all levels!

Great experience and Cathy is an excellent instructor, I signed up for more lessons and I am very anxious
to see improvement in my game as I know I will with the changes she made for me.

Cathy is very knowledgeable. She has given me the great advice to correct a couple of my swing flaws. I will repeat. Now I just have to practice a lot.

A very good approach to evaluating current ability and guiding improvement using a video that helps
during the lesson and later at home. I look forward to the remaining lessons.

The personal attention and ease of communication makes the learning simple.

For the novice or experienced golfer. I’ve been golfing for 30 years and I believe it’s improving my game.

He will be purchasing additional lessons.

I have taken lessons from many instructors but The Golf Boot Camp instructor has been the best.

Keep up the great work! Cathy, you’ve done wonders for my swing and confidence on the course. The simple changes you’ve shown me are a work in progress, but it’s very positive progress. Thanks! See you soon.

Great lesson it really helped my game.

Blessings to you. I have been working with my new golf swing. I have seen some improvement and feel much more confident . You have shown me the way to swing the golf club in a way that I never had been instructed to do so in the past. Thanks so much for your help and I will be back for more instructions.

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to say how much we appreciated your help. I heard several nice comments about you and wanted to thank you personally before you left. You are a great golf ambassador for ladies and it shows your commitment.

Again, thank you for helping — it was huge and I know the ladies really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the info. I had an awesome lesson with you last year and am excited you are now close to Anna Maria Island. Please keep me informed about clinics, etc starting in Jan.

Hi Cathy,                                                                        
Thank you very much for looking at my swing and giving me changes to make it better. I think you are an excellent instructor and watch your videos all the time. My favorite is from L to Y. I also give the golfers I play with your you tube address so they can watch as well. I will be working on the lessons you sent me today after church.
Thanks you very much,
Jack Tarburton